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Garage Door Service in West Mifflin PA

West Mifflin, PA Garage Door is the most reliable and proficient garage door company in West Mifflin, PA. We have worked hard to build our reputation as a garage door company West Mifflin, PA residents can count on for affordable and reputable garage door repair and service. As a part of our full service garage door service we provide the safest and affordable garage door spring repair and replacement service in West Mifflin.
When our customers call for garage door spring repair they know they are going to be taken care of by our team of professionals, and we do it on a schedule that suits our clients' needs. This means that our customers can call West Mifflin, PA Garage Door anytime, any day of the week, and when emergency spring repair in West Mifflin, PA or the surrounding area is needed, they never have to wait for normal business hours.
Call West Mifflin, PA Garage Door Company at 724-338-8594 and find out why our customers say that our garage door spring repair service is something they can count on.

The Need For Professional Garage Door Spring Repair

When a garage door malfunction occurs it is generally related to the incorrect operation of a torsion spring or side mounted extension spring, depending on the type of garage door our customers have. The garage door spring acts as the counterbalance to the weight of the garage door itself. Many of the parts needed for the correct operation of a garage door are also tied into the spring system itself. When the garage door spring system fails, the garage door can malfunction and in some cases become extremely dangerous for customers and their families.
West Mifflin Garage Doors The injuries and deaths that have occurred in the past associated with malfunctioning garage doors, are generally associated with the non-professionals not having an understanding of exactly how much force is at work in regard to the Garage Door Repair Pittsburgh PA, and the professional knowledge needed to correctly complete a spring repair or replacement. That is why we strongly caution home owners to never attempt this type of spring repair themselves; call the professionals at West Mifflin, PA Garage Door and let us safely and efficiently give you a functioning, safe spring repair.
West Mifflin, PA Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement

Broken spring repair should be handled by professionals. That is why West Mifflin, PA Garage Door provides this necessary service for our customers. Spring repair usually consist of an adjustment, and must be done with the door lowered and tension on the spring. This is a hazardous task, and we believe should only be done by professionals like the garage door technicians at West Mifflin, PA Garage Door.

When a torsion spring breaks, or an extension spring snaps, our customers usually hear a single loud bang, or will notice that their garage door is sagging on one side.
West Mifflin Garage Doors When a garage door is heavy enough or large enough to require two torsion springs, then both should be replaced at the same time, even if one did not snap. The fatigue level of springs rises as they age due to normal wear and operation. When one breaks, the other is deeply fatigued as well, if only the broken spring is replaced, the torsion system is reset, the garage door will not balance properly, putting undue strain on the spring system, and will most likely create the scenario for another broken spring repair in the near future. For our garage door customers in West Mifflin, PA, we always work with the goal of saving them money, and completing both replacements at the same time saves extra service calls and expense.
The repair and replacement of garage door torsion springs is far more dangerous that side mounted extension springs, and the spring systems have more parts, therefore always call us before attempting any garage door spring repair for your safety and your families well being.

Contact West Mifflin Garage Door today for any of our garage door service plans, installation of new garage door springs, and our affordable spring repair service on overhead garage doors, sectional garage doors, and garage door openers in West Mifflin, PA. Call us today at 724-338-8594.

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West Mifflin Garage Doors
West Mifflin Garage Doors
West Mifflin Garage Doors
West Mifflin Garage Doors